Summarizing the queries received so far on the flight resumption from India: 1) Flights from India resumes on 23rd June

2) Only those who took 2 vaccines of UAE approved vaccines and UAE residents are allowed to travel to Dubai

3) UAE approved vaccines are: a) Sinopharm b) Oxford-AstraZeneca c) Pfizer-BioNTech d) Sputnik

4) Covishield is almost same as Oxford-AstraZeneca and could be accepted by UAE (Saudi Arabia had earlier in the month accepted that both are the same vaccine).

5) Presently only vaccined passengers can travel to UAE from India. Clarity needs to come from authorities on Children.

6) A total of 3 RT PCR tests need to be completed by the passengers : a) 48 hrs before travel (Only QR coded PCR test result accepted) b) 4 hrs before travel (This is also RT PCR test which yields results within minutes). Presently don't know which all airports has this facility in India - so better check with authorities before taking tickets. c) 3rd PCR test is at Dubai Airport. The passenger need to be in Quarantine until the result of this is out.

7) Those who stayed outside the country for more than 6 months, mostly favorable decision will be taken by the authorities as per Indian Consulate (No official declaration yet).